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Make business «Smart»

Teeple - improving relationships between client and business

The Tasks We Solve

Our Products

  • Customer Testimonials and Net Promoter Score

    How satisfied are customers with the service? Get a score from 1 to 5 and read the detailed commentary.
  • Cash Back and Bonuses

    Accrual of bonus points when making a purchase. Loyalty program members will be able to use points for partial payment of repeat purchases.
  • Gifts and Discounts

    Lift the mood of the client, settle the conflict situation, reward, or encourage the action.
  • Referral Program

    Your existing customers can invite friends to the platform, thereby bringing new clients to you.
  • Analytics

    All business metrics gathered in one place. Analysis and optimization have never been so convenient. 
  • Gamification

    Make shopping a game. Create a shopping scenario and reward those who follow it.
  • CRM-System

    Keep track of customers, collect data, and process applications.
  • Your Regulations

    Create your own rules for customer greetings and reminders. Enter your conditions for the bonus program, collect information about users and use it in your work.
  • QR Codes

    Open the menu, invite to the platform, give gifts and get feedback. Create any type of QR code.

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